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Everybody is busy with the WWE 2K17 but small amount people struggling to grab the WWE 2K17 Season pass code which we are exclusively giving here at zero cost,just read article to complete your journey with success. Before taking that foot steps, give attention to article beneath given deeply about the season pass and the game too.

WWE 2K17 Season Pass Code Details and Download Instructions

WWE 2K17, which was released earlier this year for PS4, Xbox one, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC features very modern graphics and a huge arsenal of gameplay features. With Brock Lesnar as the cover star, this game created a big buzz in the fan base by emphasising the famous rivalry of Brock Lesnar and Goldberg which led to their grand match at Wrestlemania 20. The game which contains a huge roster of 169 superstars and wrestling legends (Even the Mcmohan family!) also features soundtracks from major artists like Twentyone Pilots, Black Sabbath, Yellow Claw, Andy Black and FIDLAR. This game also introduces twenty six brand new WWE superstars to the video game universe. The game, which received an IGN score of 8.2 out of 10 is a notable big step ahead of the previous installment of the series. WWE 2K17 Redeem CodesĀ is hard to find now and hard to find a website who give away these codes.

The season pass which came along with it includes many new expansions that enhance its already solid gameplay. WWE 2K17 season pass includes the Accelerator, the Hall of Fame Showcase, New Moves Pack DLC, the Future Stars Pack and the Legends Pack. All of these expansions altogether comes with a price tag of $29.99. These DLCs are also available for buying separately if needed.But you will get it for free from us.


The Accelerator DLC (included with the season pass) gives access all the unlock able content and characters which are ought to be unlocked by virtual currency (obvious by the name ‘accelerator’). It also allows the player to decide attribute levels and rankings of all the characters which are playable. The individual cost of this DLC is $4.99. This pack is very useful if you want to get most out of the in-game experience without having to play too many games. All in all, this DLC is quite worth it and is one of the best DLCs available in the season pass.

The Hall of Fame Showcase unlocks seven playable matches in the game. The highlight of this pack is the match between Sting and Ric Flair and the match between Sting and Bret Hart. This DLC costs a little more than a former and is priced at $9.99 when bought separately. The matches in this expansion are of high quality and effects. This expansion is not very worth it for the ten bucks price tag but it adds a vintage touch to the game and is a fun little addition to your inventory.

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The New Move DLC adds some new wrestling moves to the game including the TJP clutch, Swingout Neckbreaker, Face Wash Combo and the Elbro Drop (Yes, Zack Ryder’s!). The moves included are a diverse selection of wrestling moves (a clutch, a grapple, a combo and a jump). This pack costs $3.99 when bought separately. Just like the Hall of Fame Showcase, this is also a enjoyable little addition to the game but is not that worth it for the price tag either.

The Future Stars DLC introduces some of the new rising stars to the game. These stars include Karl Anderson, Mojo Rawley, Luke Gallows, Austin Aries and Tye Dillinger. These five stars, though not as iconic and legendary as the stars in the Legends Pack is still a nice collection to own. This expansion, despite being announced back in September of last year wasn’t added to the game till earlier this December. This DLC is priced at $8.99 when bought separately.

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The Legends Pack which goes off at a price tag of $8.99 individually again unlocks some of the legendary superstars of WWE to the game. This includes Eddie Guerrero, Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, Tatanka and Sycho Kid. This expansion might sound better than the Future Stars DLC. The characters in this pack are best usable for the Universe Mode (Here you can bring your favorite legends back to the game) and multiplayer.

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WWE 2K17 Season Pass Code

These are all the DLCs which are included in the Season Pass. The season pass is totally worth it for the money as the DLCs included with this pack altogether costs $32.96. But if it is a certain content in this pass that you would like to get, it is better to get the DLC where the content or feature separately. This Season Pass is a treasure trove of exquisite content for the wrestling enthusiasts who wants to live the game!.

We do not have any interest in disclosing a deep details of WWE 2K17 Season Pass Code Generator. We meant from where we got the codes? Why we are doing it free? Let me give a clear point. It is free now but not in future. So grab your codes before the event come where you need to pay for the same thing. Also if you want our help to redeem the season pass by using the generator, please use the contact page to get best support on the program.Expect our reply within 24 hours after shooting your messages to us. Hope you had a great journey with the All Gamez Hub.

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