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For nearly a decade 2K has ruled the realm of basketball games. NBA 2K17 has gameplay and graphics far superior to the competition. However, it is the extra features and special modes that make 2K untouchable. There is enough content to write a series of blogs so I will be providing a condensed summary here. Plus, I am including a special NBA 2K17 redeem code for no cost.

My GM allows players to take control of their favorite team and build a dynasty out of them. Players can control everything from ticket prices to trades and extensions, whatever it takes to throttle the league. If a player’s not contributing to the team he can be placed on the trading block or cut altogether. Team practices will be held between games and participation in these will result in extra experience to level up their team’s players. Coaches can also be fired enabling gamers to find a coach that fits their vision of the team. My GM is a challenging mode built specifically for those who understand the business side of basketball.This is the mode for any die-hard fans who want to lead their favorite team to glory.

how to use the NBA 2K17 Redeem Code

Every kid who has ever watched or played a game of basketball has dreamed about what it would be like to play in the NBA. They have wondered what it would be like to have millions of adoring fans. They have been excited by the flashy lights and cameras. Now, NBA 2K17 has been able to bring this experience to players at an unparalleled level. The people at EA are proud to introduce My Career mode.

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My Career mode has by far the largest content. Here is where gamers have the opportunity to create their own player and attempt to guide them to the basketball Hall of Fame. 2K has eliminated the pesky facial construction sliders by releasing a mobile buddy app for Android and iOS where players can scan their face. This allows players to live their dreams of playing in the NBA. My Career is necessary for being able to play these next two modes.

Players will take part in practices where they will gain the experience necessary to develop their skills. Playing games well will also award extra experience. Bad performances will cause players to move backward in development. So it is important to make sure they give 110% every time they lace up their sneakers for a game. Speaking of sneakers, 2K has an incredibly large library of authentic sneakers including Jordans. Just what every baller needs to spice up his game. 2K has pulled out all the stops for its loyal gamers.

NBA 2K17 Redeem Code

My Park is where the streetballers ball. It is an online multiplayer mode that allows players to link up with friends or strangers to battle on the blacktops. Players can play 2 on 2 or 3 on 3 games. First to 21 wins, but don’t forget that you have to win by 2. NBA 2K even allows players to play a classic game of 21. No teams here, every man for himself. The coolest part of the My Park mode is the Park After Dark features they do from time to time. This is where players go to a blacklight court to compete in 3 point contests, slam dunk contests or pick-up games. These features showcase musicians playing DJ for a few hours. So far Snoop Dogg and Future have been involved.

Pro-Am is this writer’s favorite mode. Here his where the serious players go to ball out online. Players create their own team and invite their friends. Once teams are created, players will take on other online teams with rankings on the line. Rankings are immensely important in this game mode. Teams in the upper echelon are invited to Pro-Am tournaments with payouts as high as $50,000. Beware, though, these tournaments involve some of the best players in the world. Do you have the talent to compete?

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If I had to rate NBA 2K on a five-star scale, it’d get 10 stars. It’s that good. This game has great graphics, smooth mechanics, and immense content, and get the strongest recommendation this writer could give. If you stay here and use the NBA 2K17 redeem code you’ll enjoy the game.Calm down if you’ve got the wrong path while traveling through the right path. We have the map that will get rid of your wrong way and ride you into success. To get that map leaves a message to us by contact page.Also if you have friends who are still hungry for this game and not able to full due to financial issues. Then share this article with them with ease by using the social button seen beneath.

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